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Reputation Management

Businesses that receive one or two stars Yelp or Google risk losing 86% of their prospects. Managing information about your business online can have a substantial effect on your bottom line.

Don't Let Negative, Misleading, or False Information Affect Your Business's Bottom Line.

The amount of money, time, and energy that goes into marketing your business online is an investment that should be protected.

Do not let fake, incorrect, or negative reviews and content ruin your reputation online.

About Our Reputation Management Service

Our Reputation Management service is an extension to traditional SEO services that helps to ensure only the most favorable content about your business is readily available to internet users.

Reputation Management is a proactive service designed to protect your reputation through monitoring internet mentions and maintaining a positive presence on search engines.

We monitor the web 24/7 to make sure people are not unfairly tarnishing your business’s reputation.

We act on any negative content, reviews, and social media posts related to your business or brand.

Reputation Management service allows you shape your business’s presence on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other directory sites that offer rating and review features.

If someone leaves a review for your business on Yelp or Google, we will be there to reply.

We can help you combat negative reviews and take steps to minimize their impact or remove them entirely in some situations.

If a website posts a blog article that talks about your business or brand in an unfavorable light, we can take action to amend or remove the content.

In addition, we make sure your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) are accurate and consistent wherever it is posted.

We create and promote positive content that accurately reflects your genuine real-world reputation.

Increase The Rank of Positive Search Results

It isn’t possible to remove all negative comments from the web. A lot of what is written about your business will be out there forever.

However, that doesn’t mean they have to rank on the first page of Google.

The best way to minimize undesirable mentions is to increase the page rank of positive content using SEO techniques.

Improving the rank of positive or neutral content is the best way to fill the first page of Google with things you want people to see, while pushing the undesirable content off the first page.

A variety of SEO techniques are used to make this happen.

The length of time and manpower needed to manage your business’s reputation depends on many factors.

For some businesses, we simply monitor and react to normal day to day mentions. For others, we invest more time and effort to protect and sanitize their brand.

While it doesn’t happen overnight, a good SEO company can take the right steps to ensure only the best mentions see the light of day within a couple of months.

Use Negative Keywords to Your Advantage

Sometimes a long-tail keyword phrase can return negative search results about your business.

When this happens, you must reclaim the bad phrase and start using it within content that is positive for your business.

If a search for your business is mostly positive, but adding a certain keyword brings up negative or undesirable results, we can reclaim that term.

For example, imagine if you search for “Company LLC” and see mostly positive results. Next, you search for “Company LLC Shipping” and you see many negative results about shipping complaints.

The ideal way to get positive results to return for the search phrase “Company LLC Shipping” is to use it in content you consider positive for the brand.

Once the content is published, SEO techniques like link building can be used to raise the visibility of the positive content to search engines over time.

Use Different Types of Content to Your Advantage

There is a lot more on a search engine result page (SERP) than just organic web links. Local map listings, text ads, social media links, AMP content, images, videos, and more now appear on SERPs. Reputation Management uses all available content types that appear on the Google SERP, so you control most of the content seen about your business.

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